about piron
PIRON was founded in 2001 by the convergence of a strong team of investors with extensive experiences. The founders’ excellent relations with major corporations, financial institutions, governments and refiners around the globe initiated PIRON. We offer an international team of experts skilled in a disciplined, research-based approach of identifying and executing profitable trade opportunities while also managing potential risk. Our extensive experience allows us to extend our services in hedging underlying assets, sourcing products to end users and staffing trading and risk management desks. All our activities display resource optimization and a result oriented approach. Piron Investment & Financing management team’s success is based on creating simple solutions in the face of complex issues. We engage with our Partners through local directors. There is a team of 80 regional directors worldwide. We are actively involved in the Middle East, North Africa / East Africa / South Africa, Sub-Continent, South East Asia, Far East, and South America. We personally manage global trading and this goes beyond knowledge of transactions and distribution to include a comprehensive involvement with the products being exchanged. Piron Investment & Financing is a diversified company focusing on emerging markets and specialized industries. We trade products in the form of physical deals, exchange traded and off-exchange futures and distribution of products. Our extensive experience allows us to extend our services and to operate on a global platform.